East, west, home is the best

My belly is always full and I don’t have much space to fill with the food there. So what I do is, I keep having small snacks throughout the day. Well, sometimes I even have a few crackers or half of an apple at 4 a.m. if my body asks me to. I also get good ideas at 4 a.m. about how to dust the apartment’s walls and ceilings the best, or just do simple manicure. Nice and quiet.

Yesterday was one of those evenings when I wanted to cook something nice delicious and lush for my family. Thailand, its culture and nature has shaped my mind a bit, hence the idea about thai fried rice served in what they call pineapple boat.


Now, doesn’t this make you picturing… tropical breeze sneaking in through your dark wooden bungalow windows and making white curtains dance slowly while you are cutting fresh pineapple for a smoothie and listening the sound of ocean waves? Ooh, this perks up my dreamy soul 🙂


Cutting the pineapple half and making two boats out of it


Basic “secret” ingredients in Thai cuisine.
Life would be dull without garlic, lime and chilli pepper.


Dinner served.


Remember, my belly is always full and there’s no space for the food like this. So while I was happy watching Nik and Des enjoying their pineapple boats, I had a glass of smoothie.


What’s in the smoothie? Avocado, spinach leaves, real peppermint, pineapple and orange juice.


Fresh and tasty!

จากเรือนเหมือนนกจากรัง – (“East, west, home is best.”) – Thai proverb


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